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Welcome to CARE Inner Development Teacher program.

We are a 12-week inner development teacher program helping professionals develop the skills to drive transformative change in organizations and individuals. Join the global movement towards conscious leadership and sustainable practices without the uncertainty of knowing how to make a positive impact.

Learn how to :

  • Integrate knowledge from ancient wisdom traditions for personal and collective development.

  • Use neuroscientific and psychological principles in meditation.

  • Lead others and be a force for positive change in society.

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The purpose of our 12-week Inner Development Teacher Program is to empower professionals with the skills to drive transformative change within organizations and individuals. Our program breaks away from traditional materialistic worldviews, instead drawing inspiration from diverse wisdom traditions and indigenous cultures.

By offering a fresh perspective on humanity and our connection to the world, our program aims to shape participants into leaders who champion conscious leadership and sustainable practices. You’ll gain the tools for self-awareness and the ability to guide groups and organizations towards a more sustainable and mindful future.  Our goal is to equip you with the knowledge and skills needed to effectively teach inner development, design impactful programs, and facilitate processes that promote sustainable development. Start with our 7-day join the global movement towards positive change


CARE was originally developed for Chalmers CSE in Sweden, considered one of Europe’s leading technical universities. with Professor Mary Sheeran’s mission to reduce employees’ stress. We then took a broader approach to promote a culture of well-being based on compassion.



Balance your course with your life.


As the founder of CARE Inner Development teacher program, Pål Dobrin brings a wealth of experience and deep devotion to the art of meditation. His unique journey has shaped the core of our teachings.

The course includes:

The course includes:

Throughout the training, we explored a range of meditation techniques and practices, from mindfulness and concentration to loving-kindness and compassion. The instructors shared their deep understanding of these practices, drawing on their own extensive experience as practitioners and teachers.

Anna Kronlid

"This course transformed me by providing a much-needed break from my hectic lifestyle. It taught me various techniques to enhance my mindfulness, including traditional and modern meditation styles, breathing exercises, and consciousness practices. The course structure was well-designed, and I highly recommend it to anyone seeking inner peace and well-being."

Daida Mascaro

"Through a guided journey with a clear purpose, I was able to achieve a state of peacefulness and contentment. The social aspect of the experience has had a profound impact on how I relate to others. During meditation, I had an incredible experience where my whole body was vibrating, and I felt truly alive afterwards. It wasn't easy, but it was worth it."

Kiran Bohman

Overview of course content.

  • Introduction to CARE Meditation Techniques
  • Understanding the 9 Stages of Meditation (Shamatha)
  • Exploring the Importance of Mindfulness in Challenging Times
  • Practicing 10 Mindful Minutes for Happiness
  • Staying Present in the Moment for Increased Happiness
  • Introduction to Gratitude and Its Benefits
  • Exploring the Scientifically Proven Benefits of Gratitude
  • Harnessing the Hidden Power of Gratitude through Breath
  • Utilizing a Gratitude Journal for Personal Growth
  • Guided Practice of Gratitude
  • Gearbox Technique: Slow Belly Breathing for Relaxation
  • Focusing Techniques: Yes or No
  • Understanding the Mind and Meditation
  • Introduction to Interoception and Its Connection to Meditation
  • Exploring the Window of Tolerance and Its Significance
  • Understanding Stress and Its Impact on Well-being
  • Regulating the Nervous System for Optimal Functioning
  • Exploring the Polyvagal Theory: The New Science of Safety and Trauma
  • Developing Trauma-Sensitive Mindfulness Practices
  • Addressing Potential Adverse Effects of Meditation
  • Understanding the Relationship between Meditation, Trauma, and Silent Suffering
  • Breath-Based Meditation Techniques for Trauma Healing
  • Dacher Keltner on the Vagus Nerve: Insights and Applications
  • Gearbox Technique: Sprinkling Mindfulness throughout the Day
  • Gearbox Technique: Exploring the Second Gear
  • Embracing Acceptance in Mindfulness Practice
  • Understanding the Relationship between Focus and Awareness
  • Entering the Jhanas: Deepening Meditation Practice
  • Exploring the Four Applications of Mindfulness
  • Overcoming Hindrances to Meditation
  • How Meditation Can Reshape Our Brains: Neuroplasticity and Benefits
  • Gearbox Technique: Exploring the Third Gear
  • Mindfulness of the Present Moment: “Having a Cup” Practice
  • Exploring the Continuum of Past, Present, and Future in Mindfulness
  • Uncovering the Natural State of Mind
  • Adult Development and its Impact on Mindfulness
  • Keegan’s Theory of Adult Development: Insights and Applications
  • Focus Meditation vs. Insight Meditation: Comparisons and Benefits
  • Introduction to Heartfulness and the Four Immeasurables
  • Cultivating Kindness and Happiness: Retreat Insights
  • Choosing Happiness: A Personal Journey
  • Practicing Kindness Meditation
  • Understanding Empathy vs. Sympathy
  • Heartbreath Technique: Connecting with the Heart’s Wisdom
  • Visualization Exercises for Heartfulness
  • Creating a Safe Place within for Inner Nurturing
  • Developing Self-Compassion: Treating Yourself with Kindness
  • Compassion Practice: Illuminating with an Orb of Light
  • Exploring the Journey through Focus Techniques
  • Compassion: Evolution to a Psychoterapy Perspective
  • Exploring the Distinction between a Happy Life and a Meaningful Life
  • Uncovering the Elements of a Good Life
  • Understanding the Brain-Heart Connection
  • Exploring Three Emotional Systems according to Gilbert
  • Cultivating Loving-Kindness and Social Connection
  • Remembrance of Kindness and Compassion
  • Overview of Heartmath Research
  • Cultivating Sympathetic Joy: Finding Joy in Others’ Happiness
  • Focus Techniques: Jhanas for Deepening Practice
  • Mantras of CARE: Integrating Compassion, Acceptance, Resilience, and Empathy
  • Communicating from the Heart: Enhancing Connection
  • Nurturing Heartfelt Connection with Others
  • Addressing Shame and Guilt: Cultivating Compassion
  • The Power of an Effective Apology: “I Am Sorry”
  • Ho’oponopono: The Hawaiian Practice of Reconciliation and Forgiveness
  • Exploring Anxiety and its Relationship to the Heart
  • Embracing Vulnerability as a Source of Strength
  • Building Resilience in Heartfulness Practice
  • Self-Transcendent Experiences and Layers of Consciousness
  • Introduction to Inner Development and the IDGs (Inner Development Goals)
  • Working with Difficulties from Different Levels of Understanding
  • Understanding the Reality of Consciousness
  • Self-Transcendence and the Role of Psychedelics
  • Exploring Varied Experiences of Self-Transcendence
  • Domains of Awareness: Expanding Consciousness
  • Working with Five Wounds and Difficulties in Meditation
  • Recognizing and Cultivating Character Strengths
  • Building Your Strengths through Practical Exercises
  • Understanding the Unified Field of Awareness
  • Enhancing Social Meditation and Relational Mindfulness
  • Harnessing the Power of Your Strengths
  • Engaging in Self-Inquiry for Personal Growth
  • Walking Each Other Home: Collaborative Approaches in Organizations
  • TEAL and Purpose-Driven Organizations
  • Insights from “Reinventing Organizations” by Frederic Laloux
  • Skills Overview for Organizational Transformation
  • The CARE Approach to Organizational Development
  • SCARF: Managing with the Brain in Mind (David Rock’s Model)
  • The Deliberately Developmental Organization (DDO) by Keegan
  • Pointing Awareness: Facilitating Growth in Organizations
  • Moving beyond Gurus: Empowering Others in Heartfulness
  • Applying Heartfulness in Challenging Situations
  • Journaling in the CARE Style: Reflecting on Personal Growth
  • Fractal Approaches to Scaling Transformations for Sustainability
  • Change through the Fractal Approach: Summary and Key Insights
  • From Ego to Wholeness: Cultivating Authentic Teaching
  • Ethical Considerations in Teaching Mindfulness and Heartfulness
  • Designing Powerful Meditations for Transformation
  • The Power of Community in Facilitating Growth
  • Embracing Humility as a Teacher
  • Strategies for Pitching and Selling Courses
  • Understanding the Connection between Three Emotional Systems and Organizational Culture
  • From Knowledge into Action: Steps to Implement and Proceed
  • Sharing Your Gift with the World: Unleashing Your Potential
  • Examination Task: Demonstrating Mastery of Course Content


We envision a future where professionals and organizations, grounded in awareness and mindfulness, collaborate to enhance sustainability and co-create a more compassionate and inclusive society.


We see a world driven by global compassion, transcending divisive boundaries and fostering a unified approach to positive change.

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If you are not completely satisfied with our program, you can request a full refund within 30 days from the start date of the course.

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  • 12 weeks of scientifically based content.
  • 27 Classes & Lessons
  • 35 video recordings
  • +10 hours of guided meditations
  • Live sessions with leading experts.
  • Lifetime access to the course.
  • 30 dagars pengarna-tillbaka-garanti

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“If you are not completely satisfied with our program, you may request a full refund within 30 days from the start date of the course. We believe in the value of our lessons and want to ensure that you are completely satisfied.”

Our extensive online program offers flexibility, expert guidance, and a supportive community. It is designed for those seeking personal development, spiritual growth, and the ability to inspire change in others.

“Our courses are designed with flexibility in mind. You can begin at any time and progress at your own pace, with some live sessions scheduled for community involvement.”

“Absolutely! Our dedicated support team and community forums are available to assist you throughout your journey and ensure you have a satisfying learning experience.”

“No previous experience is required. Our classes cater to all levels, from beginners to experienced practitioners, with content that is both accessible and enriching.”

After completing the training, you will be equipped to teach various meditation methods, lead workshops, and offer personal coaching, all with the aim of promoting personal and societal change.

Yes, you will receive a certificate stating that you have completed the course, as acknowledgement of your commitment and newfound expertise as a meditation teacher and agent of change.

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