Research on The CARE Meditation Approach​

At CARE Meditation, we are deeply committed to understanding the intricate paths of inner transformation, especially in relation to sustainability and climate. Our dedication has led us to embark on a comprehensive 4-year research project:

Experiencing Personal Sustainability Transformation-Techniques and Practices
for Narrating the Interconnected Self.”

Key Questions Driving Our Research:

  • How must we, as humans, evolve to achieve the Global Goals and Agenda 2030?

  • How can I deepen my awareness and contribute to a rise in global conscious awareness?

  • What role do I play in this transformative journey?

Funding and Leadership:

We are honored to receive funding from FORMAS, a Swedish government research council dedicated to sustainable development. 

The research initiative is spearheaded by Therese Asplund of Linköping University in Sweden and Pål Dobrin from CARE Meditation.

Program Structure:

Participants in our study will engage in a 10-week contemplative training. This journey begins with a week-long retreat and culminates in a 3-day retreat. Throughout the program, participants will also attend 4 online seminars, held bi-weekly.


Our primary objective is to deepen the understanding of techniques and practices that foster inner transformations towards personal sustainability and climate change.

This project aims to:
– Develop a conceptual design of inner transformation processes through partnership collaborations
Investigate empirically how personal transformative change unfolds in dialogical processes.
Engage in partnerships for personal sustainability transformations.


This research is a collaborative effort between Linköping University’s Department of Thematic Studies – Unit of Environmental Change, and The Swedish Folk High Schools.
With Pål Dobrin’s expertise from CARE Meditation in guiding contemplative practices and inner transformation, our project will provide valuable insights into the processes and practices underpinning inner transformation. Furthermore, it aims to propel this emerging field of study forward, bridging the personal, political, and practical dimensions of sustainability transformations.

our 12 week program Teachers

What we believe


The Care Meditation practice enables you to experience a more loving relationship with yourself, to other people….. and to the world at large.


We are a global initiative that develops inner abilities, skills and other qualities for people and organisations involved in efforts to contribute to a more sustainable global society.


An inner transformation is necessary for the outer transformation, to reform our systems and way of living: to face the pressing sustainability challenges of our time​


We believe in combine neuroscience & psychology with the wisdom from ancient contemplative traditions


We embrace diversity and include people & collectives with different views and backgrounds


Awareness and compassion based interventions for self-leadership and transformation of workplace culture

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