Santa Teresa, Costa Rica

Escape your busy life and discover a deep, inward journey
into the “heart of awareness”.


Escape with us to Seataya Luxury Villa Resort, an immersive and transformative destination nestled in the Southern Zone of Costa Rica. Join our CARE Meditation program in Santa Teresa and experience a unique blend of adventure, relaxation, and inner discovery surrounded by the beauty of nature.

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Escape wiht us to Seataya Luxury Villa Resort, where you will immerse yourself in transformative experiences and reconnect with nature. Our unique retreat program offers you the chance to explore Costa Rica’s biodiverse Southern Zone through one-of-a-kind activities, savor exquisite farm-to-table cuisine, and find inner peace through our program. Come join us and experience amazing connections with nature!

Discover Inner Peace & Adventure in Costa Rica

You’ll be enveloped by the serene beauty of Santa Teresa, Costa Rica, where tranquility and an aura of rejuvenation prevail. Every morning, the melodies of the jungle will greet you, setting the tone for a day of introspection and connection with your innermost self.

Seataya Luxury Villas Resort is more than just a place to stay; it’s a luxury resort set amidst paradise. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, it promises a soul-enriching experience unlike any other. Whether you’re seeking a profound connection with nature, breathtaking vistas, or a sanctuary to recharge, Seataya is your ultimate haven.

Nestled in the mountains of Santa Teresa, our villas offer both luxury and privacy. With handcrafted wooden furniture, spacious rooms, and awe-inspiring ocean and jungle views, each villa is a testament to opulence and comfort. You can bask in the glory of the sunset from our private infinity pool, indulge in a professional massage, or simply lose yourself in the ambient sounds of the surrounding jungle.

  • Connect to your deeper self
  • Create deeper connections
  • Let go of unhealthy mental tendencies
  • Change your life your the better
  • Cultivate healthy thoughts & behaviours
  • Discover you life’s purpose & meaning

Between activities, we enjoy nutritious meals, the tranquility of nature or a dip in the ocean, embrace the serene beauty of Santa Teresa, and unwind in our private infinity pool. A retreat like this is a unique opportunity to together and wholeheartedly go far beyond everyday noise and achieve a deeper form of awareness.

5-Day Retreat of Self-Discovery at seataya Luxury Villa Resort

On this life changing Retreat, wisdom is conveyed from thousands of years of contemplative and mysterious traditions, filtered through modern science. We guide you with simplicity and warmth – our path to consciousness is permeated by kindness and relaxation, rather than extreme strictness and dogmatic rules.

We make no religious claims and here you are warmly welcomed regardless of faith or outlook on life. 

During this retreat, you will experience the miraculous, witness measurable evidence of transformation in real-time, and learn the science  awakening the potential that exists in the latent systems in the brain and body. 

Among many other teachings, you will also:

  • Practice four types of meditation—sitting, standing, walking, and lying down.
  • Learn how to heal another person in our Coherence Healings.
  • Learn Focus techniques (Shamatha meditation) 
  • Practise Vipassana
  • Learn Heartfulness (Metta, compassion, equanimity)
  • Discover why trance is important and how you can train your brain and body to move into it.
  • Practice programming the subconscious mind into a new future.
  • Experience and practice the formula for creating new and mystical experiences.

Throughout the training, we explored a range of meditation techniques and practices, from mindfulness and concentration to loving-kindness and compassion. The instructors shared their deep understanding of these practices, drawing on their own extensive experience as practitioners and teachers.

Anna Kronlid

"This course transformed me by providing a much-needed break from my hectic lifestyle. It taught me various techniques to enhance my mindfulness, including traditional and modern meditation styles, breathing exercises, and consciousness practices. The course structure was well-designed, and I highly recommend it to anyone seeking inner peace and well-being."

Daida Mascaro

"Through a guided journey with a clear purpose, I was able to achieve a state of peacefulness and contentment. The social aspect of the experience has had a profound impact on how I relate to others. During meditation, I had an incredible experience where my whole body was vibrating, and I felt truly alive afterwards. It wasn't easy, but it was worth it."

Kiran Bohman

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