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12 weeks Meditation Program for Personal and Societal Change

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Transform Your Life and Others in Just 12 Weeks

In-Depth Curriculum:

Our program explores a broad spectrum of meditation techniques, from focus and gratitude to consciousness and inner development. Not a beginner's course; a deep dive into transformative meditation.

Personal & Societal Transformation:

This course is designed to not only elevate your own spiritual and mental well-being but also to equip you with the skills to facilitate group processes and organizational change.

Community Building & Leadership:

Learn how to positively impact organizations and groups, positioning you as a changemaker in the field of meditation and societal well-being.

Flexible Yet Rigorous:

While the course is immersive, it's structured to fit alongside other commitments. With a minimum time investment of 6-8 hours per week, you can engage deeply without feeling overwhelmed.

What Will You Learn?

Interactive Learning:

Engage in a rich blend of interactive lectures, videos, and audio resources that challenge conventional perspectives and offer new narratives on human consciousness.

Holistic Teaching & Leadership:

Learn to teach diverse meditation practices for personal and societal change, while also leading and inspiring groups and organizations.

Hands-On Experience

Participate in practical workshops and real-world scenarios, from group facilitation to organizational change, all while fostering collaboration and teamwork.

Personal & Spiritual Growth:

Immerse yourself in experiential learning for deep self-discovery and spiritual growth, guided by experienced mentors.

Certified Expertise:

Complete the course to earn a certification that not only qualifies you as a meditation teacher but also equips you to be a changemaker in society.

Why Choose This Program?

Holistic Skillset:

Become certified to teach meditation and mindfulness techniques that improve focus, manage stress, and deepen compassion.

Immediate Application:

A concrete approach to awareness training that allows you to start your meditation-oriented business straight away.

Expert Guidance:

Learn from a team of experts in human and organizational development, including renowned meditation teachers with 20+ years of experience.

Modern Relevance:

Gain a deep understanding of how to successfully teach ancient wisdom in a modern world, overcoming resistance to softer, more vulnerable states.

Broad Impact:

Meet the rapidly growing demand for highly skilled meditation teachers in all areas of society and business.

Personal Growth:

Empower your own well-being and happiness while helping others develop a daily practice.

Conscious Leadership:

Become a more conscious leader, guiding sessions intuitively and helping organizations move towards wholeness.

Exclusive Benefits & Content Features

Comprehensive Content:

Benefit from 12 weeks of science-based content, 35 video lessons, and over 10 hours of guided meditations.

Expert Insights:

Participate in live sessions with experts in neuroscience, innovation, transformation, compassion research, and social sustainability.

Resource Access:

Gain access to a comprehensive teaching manual, audio prompts for journaling, and a library of reading materials and guided meditations.

Specialized Training:

Includes values and strengths exploration, cultural and diversity awareness, trauma-informed meditation, effective mindful communication, and holistic self-care.

Who Should Apply?

This program is designed for a diverse range of individuals who are passionate about making a meaningful impact in various sectors. Ideal for:

Course Flexibility & Lifelong Learning

Flexible Commitment:

Designed to fit alongside a full-time job, allowing you to balance work, life, and learning.

Time Investment:

A minimum of 6-8 hours per week is required, with options to delve deeper into topics, extending your weekly engagement to up to 20 hours.

Continuous Growth:

Your learning journey doesn't end with the 12-week course; continue to grow and deepen your understanding at your own pace.

See What our Students Say About Their Experience

Throughout the training, we explored a range of meditation techniques and practices, from mindfulness and concentration to loving-kindness and compassion. The instructors shared their deep understanding of these practices, drawing on their own extensive experience as practitioners and teachers.

"This course transformed me by providing a much-needed break from my hectic lifestyle. It taught me various techniques to enhance my mindfulness, including traditional and modern meditation styles, breathing exercises, and consciousness practices. The course structure was well-designed, and I highly recommend it to anyone seeking inner peace and well-being."

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